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Moving to Oahu in 1998. Chef Rihl, and his then girlfriend Amy Giunta started the Oceanside grill, a casual lunch truck on the north shore of oahu-serving locals, surfers, and backpackers. In 2000 They moved back to NJ and started a casual take out, plate lunch-place called The Hula restaraunt and Sauce company on the Boardwalk in Ocean City. Word spread quickly and a loyal customer base was formed. Davids Legacy will be passed onto Amy and their 2 daughters Mya and Madyn Rihl.The restaraunt is open May-October. With respect to hard work and long hours in the kitchen, it was the hawaain style food and surfer vibes that make Hula a top rated destination. The Rihls wanted customers to take a piece of the hula home with them so they bottled up their secret sauce recipes and launched The Hula Sauce line in 2008.

*The Hula Rest. and Sauce Company has no affiliation to TC Aloha inc. or any "Hula Grill"operating in HI or CA.

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